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About The Best Astrologer In Delhi

Best Astrologer In India

Bhavkundli gives an Expert Vedic Scholar an inane power to pen down the roadmap (read forecast) to one’s life. This wonder Science can be put to the best use for the mankind. It can ably help individuals lead a healthy and peaceful co – existence with the nature. It is this power of the Bhavkundli that has been extending to its users since the last two decades.

Bhavkundli consultation over the online medium was launched in the year 2001 via under the vision and leadership of Pandit Rajnish Tiwari. The positive response to Pundit Punervasu’s predictions and recommendations saw him extend the product portfolio to include niche readings in the area of Career, Love & Marriage, Family & Kids.

Under the aegis of Pandit Rajnish Tiwari, not just more products were added to cater to an increased user base but also many astrologers like Pandit shree Nawal Kishore Tiwari , Pandit Rajnish Tiwari, Pt. Dilip Tiwari (Guru ji) and  other Astrologers joined hands in the venture. Now the team of astrologers spans across the entire country, with the expert Vedic Astrologers working out of New Delhi, Bangalore, Indore, Lucknow, Varanasi, Nagpur, Chennai, Hyderabad and various other cities of India.

Are you tired of your life problems? Do you want to fix everything in your life ?

( क्या आप अपने जीवन की समस्याओं से थक चुके हैं? क्या आप अपने जीवन में सब कुछ ठीक करना चाहते हैं? )

Is your business going through a financial loss? is your business not growing anymore?


Is your partner not happy with you and doesn’t love you anymore? Do you want to do a love marriage?


Are you tired of your health problems? Still, you are not getting any solution from any doctor.


Do you want to accomplish something big in your life? but you don’t know which career is perfect for you.

Services Offered By Best Astrologer In Delhi

Check all the services provided by famous astrologer in Delhi, India – 

Our Services

Premium Kundli

Kundli is nothing but than a birth chart, which shows the planetary position at the time of the birth of a person. but wait do u know the planetry position at the time of the birth how much important ? The positions of the planets during the birth write your whole life. your happiness , problems , Success, Relationships Everything. on that Birth chart Kundli the entire road to a person’s life is covered. It is more than the prediction of a person’s life. To know all the problems of our life and their solutions, we need a Perfect Kundli. So what are you waiting for? Click the Button Given Below and Get Perfect premium Kundli in India.

Numerology Name Correction

Numerology this word comes from numbers. Numerology is a kind of science which Predict or decide your Future. In simple Words the study and interpretations of important numbers in our life, can help guide an individual through life’s unseen downfalls, help them to Conquer all the problems , and, generally, help an individual person to understand his or her life better. It helps you to succeed in your life and business.

Relationship Solutions

We are Human beings we all have some realtions.
Relationships are so complicated which we don’t want to loose, but situations are not according to us. and some relations break due to some misunderstanding. In lots of cases we lost our true love. Astrology have all the Solutions related to Love Mystery, Relationships, Love Marriage, which help you to get your lost love back and strong your relationships 10X times better.

Talk To Astrologer And Will Get Your Solutions

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